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Feeling the tension

I’m really looking forward to giving a keynote at the ECNAIS conference in Athens tomorrow.

‘Feeling the tension’- The impact of globalisation is leading to more diverse student populations in our schools, yet there has and continues to be an emphasis upon standardisation in different educational systems. This session will highlight some of the connected talking points.

2016-04-13 08-06-18 +0300I really wonder about the balance between external influences that enhance or distract education programmes in schools?

For this trip I’m also joined by my wee boy, this photograph that I took this morning has really sparked some reflective thought about the civilisation that gave birth to democracy with an emphasis towards what it meant to be a citizen. Here we are in he 21st century with many of us of the opinion that we must look well beyond narrow examination results when judging the success of education and economic results when judging the success of a civilisation. Global citizenship or similar notions are frequently mentioned in school or policy documents but perhaps it is time to look for new measures for the success of schools and society. If we were to use the measure of how quality time families had together, I wonder how various countries might rank?


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