Who is the learner of the future?

At the Future of Learning institute this held at Harvard University we asked participants to consider the learner of the future. As part of the process to design a new school vision, mission and learning principles, learners from my school kindly shared their thoughts in response to this concept. I wonder how these connect with perspectives from learners around the world? I would welcome some comments that could stretch the minds of the young people in this video.  .


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3 responses to “Who is the learner of the future?

  1. Rod Rock

    This thought provoking inquiry allowed the studeInts to quickly articulate their insights, foresights, and reasoning. These kids are amazing. Our future is bright and full of promise. I hope that other educators around the world will create and share perspectives from their students.

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  3. geralyn Myczkowiak

    Simon and Rod are learners of the future…enjoy your new learning next week….

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